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Huddles are small discipleship groups of 3-5 people who are learning to follow Jesus, to listen to the Spirit, and to live out God’s mission in their everyday lives. They are spaces of support, authenticity, and challenge. Huddlers reflect on Bible passages on their own during the week and then get together once a week to share how God has been speaking to them and how they are trying to live this out.


In our Huddles, you will move beyond surface relationships with others and with God. Your Huddle is a safe group of friends you can be real with as you help each other experience a vibrant relationship with God. 

If you want to go deeper in your discipleship we would love to have you join a huddle!

Sign-ups for the Fall 2023  semester is now open! If you are wanting to sign up for a Huddle, sign up with the link below!

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