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Beyond: Youth Investment

Beyond Youth Investment cover.jpg

Do you want to understand Gen Z better? Are you wondering how to minister to this next generation on their terms?


Our umbrella organization, Momentum Campus Ministries, has developed a 6-week video course that can help! 

Check out the course trailer featuring the course creator/host and Gen Z member, Victoria Sharpe!

Victoria and the Momentum Campus Ministries team developed this course for campus ministries, churches, and youth investors everywhere.


Each session includes a video teaching from our Next Gen trainer and Generation Z member Victoria Sharpe, a key guiding idea, discussion questions, and a weekly challenge. Our downloadable facilitator and participant guides offer further definitions and insights to guide your understanding and discussions.


Our 6-session course explores the following topics:

  • Session 1: Exploring the Key Questions

  • Session 2: Eliminating Fear-Driving Vocabulary

  • Session 3: Exercising Spiritual Disciplines

  • Session 4: Examining Your Worldview

  • Session 5: Engaging in Meaningful Relationships

  • Session 6: Expecting the Unexpected and Planning for Endurance


All course materials including the course videos, a facilitator’s guide, a participant’s guide, and a resources booklet are available on the Momentum Campus Ministries website. These resources are all free and available for use with your team of youth investors today! Please feel free to share these resources with anyone else you think may find this course helpful and insightful.

Check out this bonus resource featuring a conversation with Geneva's Associate Pastor Ryan Farrell and Victoria as they discuss Gen Z and faith.

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